Inktober 2019

I’ve participated in Inktober for the second time, and I’ve tried to theme the prompts around my upcoming comic, which I’ll indicate with #vynru’s reason to live in the tags for now, because I don’t want to give away the title yet.

Last year was exactly around the time my hand-injury started. This year, I’ve gotten much and much farther, so even though I haven’t made the full 31 days, I’m really happy with these 15. Granted, I did have to start in September already, but I still feel like I’ve made a lot of progress.

So, here are my 15 contributions to Inktober this year, and expect more content for my upcoming comic soon!


I’m back from a month in South Korea! I didn’t get to draw much abroad, but here’s a little sketch of what saved my life while over there. It was surprisingly difficult to find food without milk/lactose in Korea, until we found this vegan bakery in Seoul. I think I spent more time here than anywhere else, to be honest. The food was so incredibly good, I don’t think I’ll have to eat for another year. I recommend this place to whoever visits Seoul, even if you’re not vegan or allergic!

Also- expect more art updates! I’m happy to announce that the first three pages of WYLMN’s remake are done. I’ll likely wait until I have a good amount of them before I start posting, though, so I won’t have to go on another hiatus if my arms act up, but I’m making good progress!

Redraw – Naoki and Hiroshi

A redraw of this monstrosity. Or, the old one is a monstrosity (time-taken-wise, it’s not that ugly either) . I quite like this redraw, actually.
It took me from the 11th of May until now– which is a little more than a month. Long time, huh? Of course I wasn’t able to draw for all of that time, but let’s take a look at the old version from 2017…

This thing. This freaking thing took me almost two years.

This is not an exaggeration. I used to have a habit that every single time I made a significant change I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep (I pretty much always did), I would save the drawing as a new file. This means that between 2016 and 2017 I had saved countless of different files of the same drawing, numbered from A1 A2, etc, to D51, and because of this, I was able to check how long each phase of the drawing took me, and I’ve written that down in a notebook I recently found. The files themselves are gone except for the last few, sadly.

But then, here goes:
The sketch was made before the 25th of April 2016 until the 12th of April 2017.
Yes. A full year to make a sketch. I wouldn’t call it sketching, though. I used 3D models in CSP and countless of pictures I made of my own hands and family members who posed for me, which I traced, tossed out, and tried again because I couldn’t cobble it together properly or just wasn’t happy with because 3D models look stiff and real people don’t translate well to an anime-ish style.
I’m pretty sure I somehow managed to learn my first bit of anatomy by screwing around with this single drawing for a full year. It’s kind of a shame, really. Because of this ridiculously patient perfectionism, I don’t have any completed trashy drawings of where I first started anime-style. And I really would’ve loved to redraw something that’s just objectively horrible instead. But ah well.

The line art was done between the 12th of April 2017 and the 6th of September 2017… almost 5 months. In this time, I’m pretty sure I redid the shoes (the line art ended up being traced & edited over pictures of my own shoes (these became Hiroshi’s, but I mostly made the shoes thinner and added that rectangle, which was a zipper on my real shoes) and my sister’s (Naoki’s), both of which I had stuffed with toilet paper to appear filled on the pictures). I redid a bunch and had no muscle control from being very inexperienced in drawing digitally, so I would often spend hours and hours on just a tiny portion of the drawing (I also wanted the lines to be p e r f e c t and just refused to use any stabilization tool). It was honestly starting to feel like a world map I was working on.

Then, it took me over a month to do the base colors, from the 6th of September 2017 until the 22nd of Oktober 2017. Again, not working on the drawing all the time, bad muscle control, just having no knowledge whatsoever about colors and being way too perfectionistic for my own good was to blame for this.

The shading, surprisingly, only took me from the 22nd of October 2017 until the 4th of November 2017– a small two weeks. Apparently, I had somehow taught myself the basics of drawing anatomy/anime in only one illustration. It sounds like some sort of strange online scam, but I swear, it has got to be the most inefficient and tedious way to practice something. Almost two years could have been spent filling so. many. sketchbooks.

But now, over three years after I started this drawing, I was finally able to recreate it without tracing anything and using very little reference except for my own drawings. I’m usually not against using reference, but I wanted to use as little as possible for this specific redraw just to see if I could “stand on my own legs” this time.

And honestly, I’m extremely happy with the result. I even managed to pick colors I like a lot without adjusting them with a filter (I didn’t do that in the original either… which is very visible OUCH), so I think I can safely say that, after over three years of drawing digitally, I’ve finally “finished” this drawing… Until I redraw it again, that is! Because I definitely won’t just let go of this now that I’ve put just so. much. time into this drawing, so I’ll likely keep coming back to it every few years to see how much I’ve improved.