Ipad test

A digital sketch on CSP to test out my new ipad for drawing! Honestly, I’m loving this. I thought the screen would be too small, but it seems I have no issues with it after all.

Rin Yoshida

*Drum roll* aaand here is the last one of these character sketches, Rin Yoshida! I think I’m the happiest with this one out of all of them, because the change is just so much more noticeable, and I think I got her expressions right this time.

Silen Haviel

This is a sketch of not my OC, but Raigat’s! So far it’s mostly been redraws of characters with not many major changes , but I’m very excited to post Rin’s sketch tomorrow. Her change is a little more interesting.

Also, this picture was taken with my new ipad, and woahh, what a difference!