Below is the information you’ll need when you want to commission me. The pictures might be a little outdated at some places. Since my hiatus, I’ve improved, but I don’t have enough examples if I don’t use a few old ones. The sketch examples are the most recent examples of my art, with the “waist up” examples a bit older, but not all too old either.


⧉ Sketch commissions:

Sketch commissions are of course the easiest to ask me if you just want something simple. I can get them done relatively quickly. So if waiting is an issue for you, I recommend this option. 
You can choose between the following two options:

◲ Just the sketch, no color: €15,-

This one can be done digitally as well as traditionally. You can tell me your preference. If you pay extra for the delivery fee, it might also be possible to physically send over the sketch if you choose the traditional version, but I don’t have experience with this so we’ll have to figure that out.

Rin Yoshida by Vynru

◲ Colored: €20,-

Ipad sketch by Vynru

◲Background only sketch: €40,-

Bridge by Vynru

⧉ Fully shaded commissions:

For fully shaded digital commissions, you can choose to either have only your character’s face in view, their body from their waist up, or their whole body. The base prices differ depending on your choice, the different options listed below. The prices are for one character without a complex/detailed background. If you want anything added to your commission, see the “Extra’s” and “Backgrounds”.

◲ Just the face: €30,-

Face Crop 15june2019 by Vynru

◲ From the waist up or above: €35,-

Ib by VynruThumbnail: Whether You Like Me or Not by Vynru

◲ Want some legs? €45,-

Redraw - Naoki and Hiroshi by VynruViola - Challenge reward #1 place by VynruThe place where we first met by Vynru

◲ Backgrounds:

□ Simple background (a simple shape like an oval or circle, gradient, etc): free
□ Flat background with more detail (railing behind the characters, sunset and some clouds, for example): + €15
□ Detailed background with perspective and multiple objects (a fully furnished room including a tv, posters, bed, wardrobe, etc): + €30

◲ Extra’s 

□ Small pet or a small accessory (dog, cat, not overly huge weapon, etc): + €5
□ A little sexually suggestive, partially nude or both: + €10
□ Gore: + €10
□ Big accessory (bike, car, etc): + €15
□ Extra character: + €25


Terms and Conditions

◲ I do:

□ Draw humans, both male and female.
□ Draw OC’s.
□ Draw Fanart.
□ Post the commission on DeviantArt, Instagram, Tumblr. If it’s a present, you can ask me to wait until a certain date before posting, but I don’t do commissions if I can’t post the result online.

◲ I don’t:

□ Draw porn or anything that involves more than one character graphically making out with another.
□ Work with a deadline (unless we specifically agreed on it for a birthday present or something). This is because I have recently overworked my arms, but it will likely not be an issue in the future.

◲ Other:

□ Payment is upfront.
□ These commissions are for non-profit/personal use only. You buy the image, but do not gain the rights to edit it, sell it or use it for any commercial purposes. If you do want to use the image for commercial purposes, you’ll have to make this clear right when you commission me and different rates will apply.
□ I accept payment through PayPal, and not through DeviantArt points.
□ Note that all prices are in euros, so make sure to select that option when paying me. If the price you send me is different from what we agreed on, I’ll send excess back or ask you to add what’s left. If you don’t answer within four days, I’ll send the entire price back and we won’t continue with the commission.
□ I will give 3 opportunities for changes in the artwork. The first is right after the sketch is done, the second after the lineart and base colors are in there, the third after the shading (finished piece). Minor changes are free, but if a change is very big that will be extra payment. Make sure to tell me to change things when I give you the opportunity, as when I start with the lineart, I can’t change the sketch anymore and when I start with the shading, I can’t change the base colors for example.
□ Make sure you know what you want beforehand as I can only refund you part of the money if you change your mind when I’ve already started, depending on how far in I am at that point.
□ (Partial) refunds are at my discretion only.

You can contact me at for a commission, as I will likely react the quickest there.