I’m back from a month in South Korea! I didn’t get to draw much abroad, but here’s a little sketch of what saved my life while over there. It was surprisingly difficult to find food without milk/lactose in Korea, until we found this vegan bakery in Seoul. I think I spent more time here than anywhere else, to be honest. The food was so incredibly good, I don’t think I’ll have to eat for another year. I recommend this place to whoever visits Seoul, even if you’re not vegan or allergic!

Also- expect more art updates! I’m happy to announce that the first three pages of WYLMN’s remake are done. I’ll likely wait until I have a good amount of them before I start posting, though, so I won’t have to go on another hiatus if my arms act up, but I’m making good progress!


Here is some traditional two-point perspective practice while I’m slowly working on my comic, and most of all trying to recover and not get worse during that. I walk by this place quite often and always wanted to sketch it out, so I finally gave it a shot.


A while ago I went to a lake with my mom and sister and I made this sketch.

I didn’t think I would be posting a sketch this unfinished, but I just really like it for some reason. Plus, it’s a memory and it’s just fun to have it here if I ever look back through my posts.

I’m also working on a oneshot joke comic at the moment to get a bit used to drawing comics again, so that will probably be my next post. Sadly, WYLMN will have to wait a bit longer because my arms just really haven’t recovered to the point where I can keep to a schedule yet.

Anyways, I look forward to posting the little comic somewhere in the future as it will look a bit more finished than the last few sketches I posted!

Ipad test

A digital sketch on CSP to test out my new ipad for drawing! Honestly, I’m loving this. I thought the screen would be too small, but it seems I have no issues with it after all.